String staircase Spinnerei III

  • Wangentreppe Loft Spinnerei 3
  • Stahlblechtreppe roh geölt
  • Faltwerktreppe aus Stahl
  • Faltwerktreppe aus Metall

String staircase Spinnerei III

Heinrich Kunz, a man from Zurich, built a spinning in 1827 in Windisch. This was a part of a huge spinning imperial which was growing more and more. This 160 years old building was renovated and converted to loft apartments. The stairs from the house of Gyger with its raw oiled steps found its place in one of those apartments. The stair was delivered in several pieces and completed at the apartment.

string staircase
raw oiled steel
Steps steel
Surface raw oiled

Realization: Gyger Metallbau
Customer: private client
Architect: Bea Knöpfel
Year: 2014